conditional fill in the gaps

Janice and Kurt are planning their upcoming vacation
For each of the past eight years, Janice and Kurt have spent their vacation
time at home, either working in the garden or fixing up the house. This year,
however, they are planning to spend their July vacation somewhere else.
They’ve checked the Internet for weather information about areas of the
country they might like to visit. They are really eager to travel somewhere
soon. In fact, if they free time right now, they their vacation
immediately, but they can’t leave right now. They still have a couple of
months to explore their options.
So far, they have learned the following information. If they to spend
their time near the water, they a hard time choosing among dozens of
outstanding beach resorts. For example, if they to the beach in Atlantic City,
New Jersey, the air temperature in the mid-70s in July, and the water
temperature in the low 70s. That’s very appealing to them. On the
other hand, if they to visit Miami Beach in July, both the air and the
water temperatures considerably warmer, around 85 degrees. That
sounds wonderful to them, too. Janice and Kurt also like to go camping, so
vacationing in the mountains is another option. They to visit
the Rocky Mountains in Colorado if they cooler weather. In July, the
temperature in the mountains can range from a high of 80 degrees to a low
of 40 degrees. If they to the Rockies, they certainly to plan for
this type of weather variation.
It is without a doubt a tough decision that Janice and Kurt are facing. They
wish they were able to go to all of the places they have researched. If they
more money and more time, they do exactly that. In fact, they
to both the beach and the mountains this year if they
recently so much of their savings on a new big-screen TV. They wish they
had realized this earlier!